Access Counseling & Support Services

If you have experienced sexual violence, there is a wealth of resources available at Indiana University to support you, help you recover, and, if you choose, pursue legal action.

Counseling and Support Services

In the aftermath of a sexual violence incident, knowing you have support can go a long way toward helping you heal. The organizations listed here can provide counseling or advocacy services at no cost to you.

IU Sexual Assault Crisis Services (SACS)

Located on the fourth floor of the IU Health Center, SACS has specially trained counselors available to provide you with one-on-one or group counseling.

If you are in crisis, call 812-855-8900 24 hours a day.

If you want to make an appointment to see a counselor, call 812-855-5711.

Confidential Victim Advocates

The Confidential Victim Advocates within the Office for Sexual Violence Prevention and Victim Advocacy are specially trained advocates who can connect you with available resources on and off campus, assist in obtaining interim measures, assist you in the applicable conduct process, and address your academic and other university-related concerns.

They are located at the Office for Sexual Violence Prevention and Victim Advocacy at 506 N. Fess.  The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. 

For help, call 812-856-2469 or email

Middle Way House

Located in the heart of Bloomington, Middle Way House provides advocacy services and can accompany you to a medical exam.

For help, call their 24 hour crisis intervention line at 812-336-0846.

Employee Assistance Program

If you or a family member works for Indiana University, the Employee Assistance Program can provide you with professional and confidential counseling. Its services are available to full-time employees, medical residents, and graduate appointees and their household members.

To get started, call their 24 hour help line at 888-234-8327

Campus Resources

Help with Interim Measures

If in your day-to-day life you are unable to avoid continued contact with the person who hurt you, you can request a change in academic, living, transportation, and/or work situations. Your request will be reviewed by the appropriate people and may be granted if it is reasonable, even if you haven't reported the incident.

Other advocate services may be available.

Who to Contact for Help with Living Arrangements and Schedule Changes
  • Confidential Victim Advocates: 812-856-2469

Office of Student Affairs and Dean of Students

If you don't know where to start, contact the Office of Student Affairs. The staff here can direct you to the appropriate campus resources and identify university policies related to your experience.

For help, call 812-855-8187

Office of Student Conduct

If you want to file a report and involve the campus judicial system, this is where you should start. The Office of Student Conduct pursues charges against students through campus student conduct system, which is an administrative/education process, when the accused is a student.

Other avenues may be available when the accused is not a student.

You can request no-contact and no-trespass orders so you don't have to face the accused. You can also file a report but decline to pursue an investigation, if that's what you wish.

To make an appointment, call 812-855-5419

Legal Resources

Legal Services

Protective Order Project

If you would like to get a civil protection order, this group can help. Student volunteers from the Maurer School of Law help victims of stalking, sexual assault, and dating or relationship violence get and enforce civil protective orders for no cost.

For help, call 812-855-4800 or email

Student Legal Services

If you need legal advice, Student Legal Services can help. Attorneys and law students provide legal assistance and representation to students free of charge, including walk-in consultations and assistance with filing applications for protective orders after sexual assault. In matters involving two students, information about how to seek legal protection will be provided, but legal representation cannot be provided.

For help, call 812-855-7867 or email

Monroe County Bar

The Monroe County Bar website can help you find legal assistance and representation information.

Protection Orders

If you need to file a petition for an Order of Protection, you can do so at the Monroe County Clerk's Office.

Monroe County Clerk's Office
301 N. College Ave., Room 201
Bloomington, IN