Access Counseling & Support Services

If you have experienced sexual violence, there is a wealth of resources available to support you, help you recover, and, if you choose, pursue legal action.

Counseling and Support Services

In the aftermath of a sexual violence incident, knowing you have support can go a long way toward helping you heal. The organizations listed here can provide counseling and advocacy services.

Student Counseling Center

The Student Counseling Center can provide you with free and confidential help after a sexual violence incident. They are located in the Administration Building in Room 130.

To make an appointment, call 574-520-4125

S-O-S of the Family Justice Center

SOS can provide you with free individual and group counseling and also offers a 24 Crisis Line and free medical and legal advocacy. They are located at 533 North Niles Avenue.

If you are in crisis, call their 24-hour crisis line at 574-289-HELP (4357)

To make an appointment, call 574-234-6900

Employee Assistance Program

If you or a family member works for Indiana University, the Employee Assistance Program can provide you with professional and confidential counseling. Its services are available to full-time employees, medical residents, and graduate appointees and their household members.

To get started, call their 24 hour help line at 888-234-8327

Help with Interim Measures

If in your day-to-day life you are unable to avoid continued contact with the person who hurt you, you can request a change in academic, living, transportation, and/or work situations. Your request will be reviewed by the appropriate people and may be granted if it is reasonable, even if you haven't reported the incident.

Other advocate services may be available.

Who to Contact for Help with Living Arrangements and Schedule Changes

Dean of Students: 574-520-4477

Office of Affirmative Action and Campus Diversity: 574-520-4524

Legal Resources

Legal Services

You can obtain legal assistance and representation information by contacting the St Joseph County Bar Association or the Elkart County Bar Association.

St. Joseph County Bar Association: 574-235-9657

Elkart County Bar Association: 574-294-7491

Elkhart County Victim Assistance Services

As a division of the Prosecutor's Office, they can function as your liaison between prosecutors and law enforcement, and provide referrals for a variety of services.

For help, call 574-523-2237

Protection Orders

S-O-S Family Justice Center can assist you in obtaining a protective order. You can also do so at the St. Joseph or the Elkhart County Clerk’s Office.

S-O-S Family Justice Center of St. Joseph County
533 North Niles Avenue