It's On Us: Alcohol and Consent

It’s On Us: Alcohol and Consent is an audience-driven bystander intervention program.  

This program teaches students the skills needed to help in situations involving alcohol and drug use that could lead to a sexual assault. Using a real-life scenario and interactive activities, the workshop teaches students:

  • What constitutes consensual sexual activity.
  • Practical skills for how to step up and intervene in problematic situations involving alcohol and drug use.
  • How alcohol and drug use influences a person’s ability to give and get consent to engage in sexual activity with another person.  

By attending this workshop, students will be better equipped to step in to help prevent sexual assault and will increase their knowledge of campus resources available to provide assistance and support.

It's On Us: Alcohol and Consent is a required program for all first-year students and strongly recommended for all returning students.

Get Signed Up

First-Year Students

Don’t forget to bring your ID. You will need to show your Crimson Card to receive attendance credit.

First-year students will receive an email from It’s On Us program staff detailing how to register for a session using the beINvolved system.

  • Students living on campus are encouraged to register for one of the sessions that have been assigned to their residence hall floor; however, they may register for any session that is scheduled within their residence hall.
  • Students living off campus should register for separate sessions that will take place in the Indiana Memorial Union Tree Suite meeting rooms.
Returning Students

Attend a program or request a program for your organization.


If you have questions about this program or how to get signed up, contact:

Dennis E.N. Daniels, Jr, PhD
Assistant Director for Sexual Violence Prevention