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Indiana University Bloomington is dedicated to preventing sexual violence on campus.

Support resources for individuals who have experienced sexual assault are available 24-hours a day. Call (812) 855-8900.

The Bloomington campus has an active sexual assault prevention community comprised of student organizations, health care providers, university administrators, and law enforcement. Each semester numerous events raise awareness on this important topic and promote sex-positive messages.

Required Education

During New Student Orientation, each new Hoosier is introduced to the importance of creating a culture of care on campus. Our Welcome to College musical and Hoosier Experience sessions begin a conversation with students about bystander intervention, campus resources, and how to get consent for sexual activity.

All first-time Hoosiers are required to complete online drug and alcohol training by the end of the fall semester. MyStudentBody educates students about the role of drugs and alcohol in relation to sexual assault prevention and features a component on bystander intervention strategies and campus resources.

First-year students are also expected to participate in the It’s On Us: Alcohol and Consent Bystander Intervention Workshop. It’s On Us: Alcohol and Consent is an audience-driven program that teaches participants the skills needed to help in situations involving alcohol and drug use that could lead to a sexual assault. Participants practice helping in a real-life scenario and discuss how alcohol and drug use influences a person’s ability to give and get consent to engage in sexual activity with another person.

Personalized Training Upon Request

Students are encouraged to learn more about sexual assault prevention and to get involved in campus prevention efforts. IU Bloomington offers several presentation options to continue the conversation. Each program is customized to the audience and provided by experts in the field of sexual assault prevention. By requesting a program or participating in prevention-focused student organization, students can help stop sexual violence on the Bloomington campus.

Below is a list of structured programs offered to student organizations and classes. The Office for Sexual Violence Prevention and Victim Advocacy can also provide tailored workshops by request.

Step Up IU!

The Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Office and Culture of Care

Step UP! IU is a 90-minute, audience-driven program that uses real life scenarios to teach the skills needed to intervene in problematic situations, including sexual assault, drug and alcohol abuse, hazing, discrimination, harassment, mental health, and stress management. Request a program >

Supporting My Sisters

Sexual Assault Crisis Services

Supporting My Sisters is a 90-minute discussion-based training for sorority women focusing on a variety of topics related to sexual assault prevention. Each presentation is tailored to the needs of the requester and size of the group. Topics may include: environmental factors that contribute to sexual assault, prevalence data, bystander intervention strategies, ways to reduce risks, and how to support friends who have experienced assault. Request a program >

MARS (Men Against Rape and Sexual assault) Training

Sexual Assault Crisis Services

MARS Training is a 90-minute discussion-based training for fraternity men exploring their role in stopping sexual assault. Each presentation focuses on the messages college-aged men receive about sex before and after coming to college, the differences between healthy and toxic masculinity, and the connection between hazing and sexual assault. Request a program >

Last Friday Night

Raising Awareness of Interactions in Sexual Encounters (RAISE)

Last Friday Night is a 60-minute program given in conjunction with IU students and the Monroe County Sex Crimes Prosecutor and helps to illuminate misconceptions around sexual assault, hook-up culture, and consequences within the legal system. Request a program >

He Said/She Said

Raising Awareness of Interactions in Sexual Encounters (RAISE)

He Said/She Said is a 60-minute program given by RAISE members and IU students which works to dispel myths about sexual assault and clarify the definition of consent. Both presentations are interactive and provide audiences with university and Bloomington resources to get help or get involved. Request a program >

IU Health Center: Health and Wellness Department

The Health and Wellness Department offers a variety of sexual health programs and services designed to educate, promote and advocate for a safer, more sexually healthy, campus community. Request a program >

Rape Aggression Defense System (RADS)

Indiana University Police Department (IUPD)

RADS is a 12-hour comprehensive course for women. It provides participants with the knowledge needed to make an educated decision about personal defense. Topics covered include awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance as well as basic hands-on defense training. RADS teaches realistic self-defense options to participants, regardless of their level of physical conditioning. Request a program >

IU Employee Training

Indiana University provides employee trainings on Title IX, Sexual Misconduct, and the role of Responsible Employees to its employees. Trainings can be modified to meet your departmental, classroom, or organization’s need. Request a program >

Convenient Access to Prevention and Support Resources

Informational posters about consent, bystander intervention and sexual violence resources are placed throughout campus providing convenient ongoing information to students.

Each resident hall assistant on the IU Bloomington campus is trained to provide resources for education and support. Throughout the year, Residential Programs and Services (RPS) sponsors events and programs for students related to sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, sexual harassment, as well as creative ways of giving or obtaining consent.

Sexual Assault Prevention Partners