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Learn about the programs and organizations that work to make your campus a safe, supportive, and proactive community.


MSB is available 24/7 for information on drugs, alcohol, sexual violence, and other health and wellness issues that can affect students and their success.

New Student Orientation

New students will be required to participate in a session on sexual assault and reporting, safety specific to sexual assault and alcohol, including resources, programs, decision making, impact and bystander intervention. Each new student is provided with the Sexual Assault Brochure, Definition of Consent, and Student Welfare Statement.

Not on Our Campus Not in Our Community

This is a semester long program focused on bringing awareness to domestic violence, sexual assault, and violence against women. Many faculty incorporate the topics into their courses and the culminating event involves a rally and a walk benefiting the local domestic violence shelter. There is no cost to register for the walk, either individually or as a team. Students who want to participate may register in the Office of Student Activities by calling (765) 455-9203, or by e-mailing maahmad@iuk.edu . Community members may register by calling (765) 457-9313 ext. 9313, or by e-mailing teri@fsahc.org. Contact IUK Office of Campus Life for additional information.

Office of Campus Life

The Office of Student Activities will host periodic speakers to address the issues of sexual assault awareness/prevention.  Sexual Assault Awareness Week, with events around campus, is held each fall semester. Student Activities is planning a Community of Care Week on campus that encourages students to care about themselves, one another and their campus and community. This program will be held prior to Spring Break.

Step Up! Training

Take part in IUK’s Step Up! Bystander Intervention Training to help equip yourself with the skills needed to be a leader and step-up! Have you ever been in a difficult situation where you wish you would have stood up, or had someone stand up for you, but you didn’t know what steps to take? Studies show that intervention by peers is the most effective form of intervention, and this training gives you the confidence needed to step-in and help.  If you would like to schedule a Step Up! for your group, please contact the Office of Student Activities, by phone at (765) 455-9203 or by e-mail activities@iuk.edu.