IU South Bend

Learn about the programs and organizations that work to make your campus a safe, supportive, and proactive community.

Bringing Recovery Awareness, Voices and Engagement (IUSBBrave)

IUSBBrave seeks to create a living and learning community free from sexual violence through: (1) orienting all new students to sexual assault safety/reporting guidelines (2) engaging in year-round trainings (3) increasing survivor use of IUSB counseling services and better identifying and addressing the impact of sexual violence for all Student Counseling Center clients.

The Campus Health and Wellness Center

The Campus Health and Wellness Center provides information, resources, and health and counseling services for the IUSB campus.

The Student Counseling Center

The Student Counseling Center provides sexual assault awareness and bystander engagement training on campus.

The Women's & Gender Studies program

The Women's & Gender Studies program provides the university community with educational materials on sexual assault and rape prevention at the annual Michiana Monologues program.

Circle of 6

Circle of 6 is a free phone application that prevents violence before it happens. This application allows Indiana University South Bend students to contact trusted friends when in need for assistance when concerned for their safety. You can request rides, ask them to call you so you can step out, and ask for advice all within your “circle”. 


MSB is available 24/7 for information on drugs, alcohol, sexual violence, and other health and wellness issues that can affect students and their success.

Programming and Events for fall 2015

Discussion with Andrea Pino and Annie Clark

When: September 11, 2015 at 2pm
Where: Fireside A&B
Hosted by: Women’s and Genders Studies
What it’s about: Andrea and Annie are the co-founders of “End Rape on Campus” and successful complainants against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for Title IX violations. Their efforts are described in the recent film The Hunting Ground.


When: September 30, 4-5:15 pm; October 29, 4-5:15 pm; November 10, 4-5:15 pm (this date is for IUSB Peer Leader training)
Where: All In Fireside B
Hosted by: BRAVE Vision 20/20 Grant
What it’s about: Students can be trained in one of our free fall trainings, and join a community of engaged students who: understand consent, know how to be active bystanders who can safely interrupt/prevent sexually harmful behaviors, and have the professional development opportunity to become a IUSB BRAVE peer leader who helps facilitate future trainings.