Campus Climate Surveys

In 2015, Indiana University released the findings of its first-ever climate survey on sexual assault conducted at the Bloomington campus. Since then, the IU Office of Student Welfare and Title IX has worked with each campus to administer the Community Attitudes and Experiences with Sexual Assault Survey to all IU students across the state. The purpose of these surveys is to better understand students’ attitudes, perceptions and direct experiences with sexual assault, and other forms of sexual misconduct, as well as seek out students’ perceptions about their campus environment, campus resources, and campus educational efforts and programming related to sexual misconduct.

In many ways, the data collected from these surveys confirm the vital importance of IU’s efforts to confront the serious issue of sexual assault, not only on our campuses but within the communities the university serves. The information gathered through these surveys has already been, and will continue to be, used to inform IU’s ongoing prevention, education and response efforts.

We invite you to explore each campus’s survey findings.