Student Welfare Initiative

Indiana University is committed to the safety and well-being of all members of the IU community—our students and our employees.

The Student Welfare Initiative is aimed at coordinating and intensifying efforts across the seven campuses administered by IU to prevent and respond to sexual assault and all forms of sexual violence and sexual misconduct and to support the safety and well-being of students.  The initiative helps ensure IU’s responsiveness to the federal laws, including Title IX and the Campus SaVE Act, which require institutions of higher education to take action to respond promptly and effectively to sexual violence and harassment, as well as to increase transparency, accountability and education on these issues. It aligns with the White House’s Not Alone initiative, a nationwide effort to raise awareness and take action against the pervasiveness of sexual assault on college campuses.

While many policies and practices have been in place at IU campuses for addressing sexual assault, the Student Welfare Initiative will improve coordination, provide better consistency and facilitate clearer intra-campus and inter-campus communication.  To carry out the initiative, IU has established a structure that includes:

  • The Chief Student Welfare & Title IX Officer, Emily Springston, who coordinates university activities related to prevention of sexual assault, ensuring regulatory compliance, and providing consistency among policies, procedures and communications.
  • The Student Welfare Executive Council, made up of top-level university administrators, to ensure that student welfare is a priority at the highest levels of university and campus administrations.
  • The Student Welfare Compliance Committee to work with and support the Chief Student Welfare & Title IX Officer, with an emphasis on compliance, information and communication.
  • The Senior Student Affairs Officers Council, composed of deans and vice chancellors of student affairs on the seven IU-administered campuses, who meet regularly to share information and experiences.
  • The Student Welfare Research Roundtable, which brings together  faculty members engaged in research on sexual assault, prevention, victim support and related subjects.

Student Welfare Statement

Sexual misconduct is prohibited by state and federal law, as well as IU policy. Indiana University recognizes that sexual misconduct may result in grave and often long-lasting effects on those involved and is committed to timely investigation of allegations of sexual misconduct and appropriate actions and consequences following investigations.

We aim to be a leader in the fight against sexual violence. We invite you to get involved.

To address the unacceptable incidences of sexual assault and similar crimes on U.S. college campuses, Indiana University is committed to:

  • Taking vigorous steps to prevent sexual assault and similar crimes through education and training, including education on the effects of alcohol on consent.
  • Helping build in our community a robust culture that rejects such conduct and associated behaviors.
  • Encouraging bystanders to intervene to prevent a sexual assault from occurring or to report such crimes to university officials or local authorities, and to fully account for such reports under federal law.
  • Supporting victims with full information about available resources, assisting victims in accessing resources, and at all times exhibiting personal care and concern to victims.
  • Investigating thoroughly and objectively all reports of sexual assault and other crimes, and cooperating fully with local law enforcement and prosecutors.
  • Conducting university proceedings arising from sexual assault and other crimes with the highest degree of professionalism, assuring fairness and dignity to all participants.