Responsible Employees

What are responsible employees?

At Indiana University, Responsible Employees are those who are required to share information about incidents of sexual misconduct. Training is required for all Responsible Employees. Responsible Employees may also be considered Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) for purposes of Clery Act crime reporting.

If you are a Responsible Employee and you receive a complaint of sexual misconduct, it is your duty to report the incident. If you have any doubts about your obligations, you should contact your campus Deputy Title IX Coordinator.

Who are considered responsible employees?

Responsible Employees include all supervisors, all employees that interact directly with students, and all employees that students might reasonably believe have authority to take action or a duty to report. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • All instructors, including full-time professors, adjuncts, lecturers, AIs, and any others who offer classroom instruction or office hours to students;
  • All advisors;
  • All coaches and other athletic staff that interact directly with students;
  • All student affairs administrators;
  • All residential hall staff;
  • Employees who work in offices that interface with students; and
  • All supervisors and university officials.

Duty to report

Responsible Employees must report incidents of sexual violence to the Title IX Coordinator or a Deputy Title IX Coordinator on their campus as soon as possible. Once a report is made, the university is deemed to be on notice and must take immediate and appropriate steps to investigate or otherwise determine what occurred.

Reporting to Title IX Coordinators does not mean that the individual will be required to bring a formal complaint or file a formal report with police, or participate in any university investigation or procedures. It will ensure that information regarding resources, assistance, reporting options, rights and protections, is provided. It can also help the university in preventing future incidents.