How IU Responds to Reports

File a report

An individual who has experienced an incident of sexual misconduct may file a report to any of the following:

  • Title IX Coordinator/Deputy Title IX Coordinator
  • Student Affairs offices
  • Responsible employee
  • IU Police Department

What happens after a report is filed?

All incidents of sexual misconduct are reported to the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for the respective campus, as well as the University Title IX Coordinator. These Title IX officials coordinate directly with campus Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and/or Human Resources offices to take the following actions:

  • Gather preliminary information
  • Reach out to the individual who reported experiencing sexual misconduct (the Complainant) to offer available resources, including counseling, and explain options under university policy
  • Implement appropriate support and interim measures, if applicable
  • Assist in contacting local law enforcement, if desired by Complainant

The university Title IX officials then work with the Complainant to determine whether he or she wants to move forward with a formal investiation.

Moving forward: Determining the Complainant’s wishes

If the Complainant does not wish to move forward with an investigation, the university must determine if a safe environment for the entire university community will be maintained without an investigation.

  • If campus community safety is assured, the university will provide any necessary remedial measures and will notify the Complainant that the university’s abilities to address the complaint will be limited without an investigation.
  • If a safe campus environment is not assured, procedures will be initiated according to the University Sexual Misconduct Policy.

If the Complainant does wish to move forward with an investigation, procedures are initiated according to the University Sexual Misconduct Policy.


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