Report an Incident

Making the decision to report an incident

You don’t need to decide whether or not to report right away, but you are encouraged to take care of yourself. This may mean seeking medical attention if you or someone you know has experienced any type of sexual or relationship violence.

There are several options if you do decide to report the incident. You can do it through campus police or local law enforcement, the IU student conduct system, or your campus Deputy Sexual Misconduct & Title IX Coordinator.

The importance of preserving evidence

It’s important to preserve evidence before you get medical attention or contact police.

  • Do not bathe or shower
  • Do not use the toilet
  • Do not change clothes
  • Do not comb your hair
  • Do not clean up the place where the incident occurred
  • Do not move items the other person touched

Try not to alter the scene where the incident occurred, and don’t try to collect evidence yourself.

You can make a report by contacting your campus Coordinator or the University Sexual Misconduct Title IX Coordinator, a student affairs administrator or another University Responsible Employee, online at, or by reporting to IUPD. If you make a report through campus authorities, they can help you notify law enforcement, if that is your decision.

The university will work with you to protect your privacy by sharing information with only those who need to know.