IU Northwest Campus Climate Survey Results

IU Northwest 2019 results

In spring 2019, all students on the IU Northwest campus were invited to complete a climate survey on sexual misconduct, assault, and related issues.

Survey results were consistent with those from similar studies at other universities. They confirm the vital importance the IU community's continuing commitment to combatting these serious issues, which affect a significant number of students—both before and while they are attending college.

The information gathered will help us achieve our goal of eliminating sexual violence from our campus community.

Key findings

17%think sexual misconduct is a problem on campus

87%think sexual misconduct is a problem throughout society

93%feel safe on campus

64%feel safe in the area surrounding campus

74% of participants feel they can do something about sexual misconduct

93%feel the university would take a report of sexual misconduct seriously

91%feel the university would protect someone making a report from retaliation

90%feel the university would ensure due process and a fair investigation

* There were not enough graduate men participants to report responses for this group.

Results and data

While the data is not a complete representation of the experiences of all undergraduate and graduate students at IU Northwest, it is important to our understanding of experiences and perceptions on campus. 

Complete data and a summary of key findings are provided in the full campus climate survey report.

IUN 2019 Climate Survey Report