IU Bloomington Campus Climate Survey Results

IU Bloomington Campus Climate Survey results

All students on the IU Bloomington campus were invited in November 2014 to complete a climate survey on sexual misconduct, assault, and related issues.

Survey results were consistent with those from similar studies at other universities. They confirm the vital importance the IU community's continuing commitment to combatting these serious issues, which affect a significant number of students—both before and while they are attending college.

The information gathered will help us achieve our goal of eliminating sexual violence from our campus community.

Results and data

Complete data and a summary of key findings can be found in the full report. As with any voluntary study, results reflect only the reponses of survey participants. Response bias is expected, given the sensitive nature of the topic. Repondents who completed at least 50% of the survey, were age 18 or older, and identify as male or female are included. While the data is not a complete representation of the experiences of all undergraduate and graduate students at IU Bloomington, it is important to our understanding of experiences and perceptions on campus.

Who responded?


17%of student population

16% undergrads

20%grad students

62% women


Key findings

Experienced nonconsensual sexual penetration (attempted or completed):

  • 2% of men undergrads and 1% of grad students (while at IU)
  • 17% of women undergrads and 6% of grad students (while at IU)
  • 16 % of women undergrads (before coming to IU)

Experienced nonconsensual sexual touching while at IU and before coming to IU:

  • 8% of men undergrads
  • 29% of women undergrads

Experienced sexual harassment while at IU:

  • 35% of women undergrads
  • 34% of women grad students

Experienced sexual misconduct but did not report to anyone at IU:

  • 86% of women undergrads (45% of those did not report because incident "was not serious enough to disclose to others")
  • 85% of women graduate students (29% of those did not report because incident "was not serious enough to disclose to others")

Sexual assault incidents by location:

  • 23% occured on campus (residence hall, outside, or other location)
  • 23% occured at a fraternity or sorority house or event
  • 50% occured off-campus (residence, event, bar, club or restaurant)

General climate:

  • 50% of respondents felt they could play a role in curbing sexual violence on campus.
  • 67% percent of women undergrads 70% of women grad students feel safe on campus
  • 60–83% of sexual misconduct incidents involved alcohol/drug use
  • 52% women undergrads feel IU officials should do more to protect students