Student Welfare Initiative

Committed to safety

The Student Welfare Initiative is aimed at coordinating and intensifying efforts across the eight campuses administered by IU to prevent and respond to sexual assault and all forms of sexual violence and sexual misconduct, and to support the safety and well-being of students.

Student Welfare Initiative

In 2014 the university launched the Student Welfare Initiative, aimed at a more coordinated and intensified effort to prevent and respond to sexual assault and all forms of sexual violence and sexual misconduct, across all campuses. To launch this Initiative, IU’s Board of Trustees issued the following Student Welfare Statement to reiterate IU’s commitment to addressing sexual assault and similar crimes.

To address the unacceptable incidences of sexual assault and similar crimes on U.S. college campuses, Indiana University is committed to:

  • Taking vigorous steps to prevent sexual assault and similar crimes through education and training, including education on the effects of alcohol on consent.
  • Helping build in our community a robust culture that rejects such conduct and associated behaviors.
  • Encouraging bystanders to intervene to prevent a sexual assault from occurring or to report such crimes to university officials or local authorities, and to fully account for such reports under federal law.
  • Supporting victims with full information about available resources, assisting victims in accessing resources, and at all times exhibiting personal care and concern to victims.
  • Investigating thoroughly and objectively all reports of sexual assault and other crimes, and cooperating fully with local law enforcement and prosecutors.
  • Conducting university proceedings arising from sexual assault and other crimes with the highest degree of professionalism, assuring fairness and dignity to all participants.

We aim to be a leader in the fight against sexual violence. We invite you to get involved.