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When you experience sexual misconduct, you are not to blame. It doesn’t matter when it happened, where it happened, or what the circumstances surrounding the incident were. It’s not your fault.

By coming forward and reporting your experience, you can make a big difference. You can help make our campus and community safer for everyone—and prevent the person who hurt you from harming anyone else.

There are several avenues you can take to report a sexual misconduct incident.

Reporting an incident to campus authorities

If you experience sexual misconduct on campus, you can and should report it to the Dean of Students. While this won’t initiate criminal action, if the accused is a student, it will open the door to disciplinary action through the campus student conduct system. Other avenues may be available if the accused is not a student.

If you choose to pursue this option, no-contact and no-trespass orders can be issued so you don’t have to face the accused. You can also file a report but decline to pursue an investigation, if that’s what you wish.

How to contact the Dean of Students

You can call them at 765-455-9203.

Report an incident online

Sexual Misconduct & Title IX Coordination

Under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, sexual misconduct is considered a form of sex discrimination. You may file a report of sexual misconduct or sex discrimination with any of the following university coordinators.

University Sexual Misconduct &Title IX Coordinator

Jennifer Kincaid, University Director of Insitutional Equity & Title IX Coordinator, 812-855-4889

Deputy Sexual Misconduct & Title IX Deputy Coordinator

Sarah Sarber, Chief of Staff/Deputy Title IX Coordinator, 765-455-9316

Reporting an incident to the police

You should report your experience to the police as soon as possible after the incident. Police will be more likely to be able to get the evidence they need to make an arrest if you talk to them about what happened while the event is still clear in your memory. The police will interview you about what happened and ask you to have your doctor or another health professional collect medical evidence if there has been an assault.

Reporting the incident to the police does not mean you have to seek prosecution. However, the police will be able take action to keep other students and community members safe.

How to contact the police

Indiana University Police Department (IUPD) responds to incidents on campus

For help, call 765-455-9363 or dial 911

Kokomo Police Department responds to incidents in the city of Kokomo

For help, call 765-459-5101 or dial 911

Howard County Sheriff’s Office responds to incidents in Howard County outside the city of Kokomo

For help, call 765-456-2020 or dial 911